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Whoever signed off on this engine, well, I need to shake their hand—or give them a high-five. As the 6.6 Litre mono scroll, twin turbocharged V12 in the M760Li is a veritable middle finger in the face of CAFE restrictions and downsized engines

Avatar By: Kunal D'souza November 29, 2018
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It’s quite amazing that a car like the 2018 M760Li xDrive even exists today.

What with all that talk of governments mandating electric in the near future, and the decline in people who actually want to drive but would rather be chauffeured around autonomously.

Car enthusiasts like me are having a hard time these days talking to anyone about the joy of driving without them going into an instant coma. No one cares anymore.

Or do they?

Someone must. How else does a car company take the biggest engine they can find and then see fit to add on a couple turbochargers for even more power.